Today Justine Would’ve Been 36

Our daughter, Justine was killed in a car accident nearly seven years ago. It’s hard to believe we’ve lived this long without her but her memory keeps us going.

I started this blog shortly after the accident because I was writing a memoir about her life. Blogging seemed to be the best place to find my platform. I’m so happy I decided to join WordPress. It really helped me process the stories I would tell and I found many friends and much support.

I did write and publish the memoir. It’s called Not My Story to Tell. If you’d like to know more about you can find it here. After I finished it, many people said it was too short and they wanted to know more so I wrote a companion book, mostly from my blogs. You can find that here.

Now I’m finishing my debut novel, Rose Coloured Houses. It will be published this year.

Writing about grief and losing a daughter was tough but it’s helped me in so many ways. It was therapeutic and it helped me move forward. I know Justine is having a party on a beach somewhere for her birthday. That brings me joy.

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