I’m Joining The Newsletter Team in My New Community

I’ve moved to an adult community. You can read more about that here. Each month there is a printed newsletter that arrives at our door. It’s not what I would call a newsletter, however. It’s a full sized magazine. There are thirty-two pages of content and thirty-two pages of advertising.

They asked for people to contribute articles of interest, so I offered the one I had written (above) about downsizing and tweeked it to include a few observations about my new home.

One of the editors got back to me immediately. She thanked me for my “outstanding article” saying it was “sincere and heartwarming.” She said they will include it in the March edition.

She asked me to call her and when I did, she invited me to join the Newsletter team. I will be writing a three hundred to five hundred piece each month on my observations as a new homeowner. She added,

“It is so good to have “new eyes” to tell all of us how blessed we are to live in WC.”

I only know what it’s like to live here during the “stay at home order.” but usually this place is hopping. The following is copied from their site:

“There are over 100 different social clubs in this vibrant community, where you can meet new friends who share common interests. The Wheelhouse is a hub for activities exclusively for Wilmot Creek homeowners. Here you can take part in billiards, shuffleboard, fitness classes, crafts (such as quilting, ceramics, scrapbooking and stained glass) and a complete range of dance classes. Enjoy the 800-seat auditorium that hosts dances, theatre productions, and our Annual Grandkids Christmas Party. The private 9-hole golf course is just steps from your door and the swimming pool is a perfect place to relax in the summer. Your family will enjoy visiting because there is something for everyone.”

I’ve already written four articles to send in in the coming months. We’re just across the street from Lake Ontario and it’s beautiful here. I’m finding lots to see and do, whether it’s walking along the lake or observing the feral cats in the neighborhood. I’m excited.

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