Not Much Has Changed In My World Since COVID-19

My memoir Not My Story to Tell has a few new reviews. My follow up e-novel JUSTINE has been received well. My novel, Rose Coloured Houses has been put on hold. My husband and I bought a place in Florida so I’ve run out of extra funds. Hopefully, it will be published this year or the beginning of 2021. I’ve started a new Young Adult Novel entitled, Before They Were Butterflies. It’s about two women who led completely different live but ended up finding true love with one another. I’m hoping it will resonate with LGBQT teens and young adults, who feel marginalized and give them hope. That’s my author news.

Not much has changed with me since the pandemic changed most people’s lives. I used to be an extrovert. I wrote a blog about that here. Now I’m content at home, writing and reading. I’m fortunate to be retired and have a pension, so other than having a reduced social life and not being able to spend time with my daughter, Candice and grandsons, Oliver and Elliott life has gone on, as usual.

I live in a small village and we don’t eat out often. I’ve always cooked at home. The same goes for groceries. We could live here for a month before we need anything. I cook larger quantities of food, and we eat several meals, then the rest goes in the freezer. Right now I have pasta sauce, stew and curried chicken in my freezer and I’m making turkey soup. I cooked my Easter meal four days ago and we’ve had turkey since then. I’ve discovered I was always a toilet paper hoarder. We shop at Big Box stores and I haven’t bought it in six weeks and have enough to last another three weeks, or so. Life has not changed.

I was sad when we had to cut our first winter, as snowbirds, short and come home two weeks earlier than expected. I’m extremely lucky to have had a wonderful winter in sunny Florida and have many happy memories to sustain me. I can’t complain. I haven’t left my home in nearly a month and really don’t want to. I’m content and well.

How has life for you changed during COVID-19?

14 thoughts on “Not Much Has Changed In My World Since COVID-19

  1. Pretty much the same as you in some ways. Our refrigerator is more full than it’s ever been since we don’t eat out theses days. Living in crowded South Florida, I’m happy the tourists went home early. There seems to be more wild animals around or maybe I’m just more conscious of it. I have not had a haircut in two months and ride a bike more than drive my car these days.

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