Writing a Novel is like Wrestling a Mattress

I’ve tackled one aspect of my novel, Rose Coloured Houses, only to encounter other challenges. I think I have grammar mastered, plot finished, characters fleshed out, dialogue moving the story along and then realize I may have the point of view scrambled. I might have “head hopped.”

Head hopping, I’ve learned is when the the omniscient point of view shows two or more character’s thoughts or emotions without giving proper notification to the reader. The proper way to show that the point of view has changed is by starting a new paragraph or chapter. I hope I have done this but to be certain, I’m going to need to read through once again and make sure I have not made this rookie mistake.

8 thoughts on “Writing a Novel is like Wrestling a Mattress

  1. Writing a book isn’t hard. Editing a book and getting it ready for publication is. And then marketing and promotion is a whole other monster 📚🤪

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