Setting Up Email Subscribers Eludes Me

I’ve been trying to get an email subscriber’s list since I wrote Not My Story To Tell four years ago. I signed up with Constant Contact and tried effortlessly to figure it out. I gave up. Then I tried Mail Chimp. Again I spend hours and hours but couldn’t understand it. Now I’ve signed up for Convert Kit. I’ve done a landing page and the next step, only to realize my personal email won’t work. I figured out I need KOHO or G Suite to get my email. I didn’t receive confirmation from KOHO and was lost once again. Then I signed up for G Suite here at WordPress but for some reason they won’t accept my password. I’ve spent the past two days trying to figure out the email. I’ve contacted all companies involved.

I’ve heard that email is an author’s best friend. It seems to be my worst enemy. I’ve self-published two books and am writing a novel, called ‘Rose Coloured Houses’, yet I can’t master automated email. I’ve sat through countless webinars and videos. There just always seems to be something out of my reach.


I finally got it up and running. If you’d like to be among my first readers of Chapter One of my new novel, ‘Rose Coloured Houses’, I’m offering it free. Feedback welcome!

Be among my first readers

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