I’ve Finally Chosen a Title for my Novel

I’ve been writing a novel for nearly a year. You can read more about that here. I’ve included a couple of excerpts here and here. I’m up to over 42 000 words but I was struggling with naming the book. My working title was a uninspiring “A Home For Peggy.”

After writing down dozens of ideas I finally thought of one that is perfect for the story.

‘Rose Coloured Houses’

The setting is in a place called, Rosedale, which is a real neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada. There are other references to roses throughout the novel, as an ongoing theme. The protagonist in it is a little girl who longs for a sense of home.

I’m relieved to have that done. It seemed to be a really hard undertaking. Now I’m starting the process of having a professional cover created by the same talented artist who did the beautiful unicorn for the cover of Not My Story To Tell and JUSTINE. Her name is Ashley Barron. She is an illustrator for children’s books, mostly. You can see some of her work here.

9 thoughts on “I’ve Finally Chosen a Title for my Novel

  1. Good on you! I’m struggling with a title for my next novel, and can’t stop thinking about it. People tell me to just relax and write and the title will come, but it’s driving me nuts! I like yours – catchy and symbolic, just the kind I’m looking for! Congrats!

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