Writing and Marketing

I haven’t written much here lately and I feel a little guilty about that. I’m writing a novel and promoting my memoir Not My Story To Tell and the companion e-book JUSTINE. This takes up much of my time.

I’m learning Instagram and taking an online workshop on Pinterest to market my books. I already have a Facebook Author page and I try to post daily there and engage with my fans. Twitter is not my favourite media site but I spend time there to unfollow people so I can begin to follow others. Twitter has blocked me from following because I’ve followed too many.

My twice a week yoga is also a priority and I’m hoping it will jumpstart me back into a regular gym routine. I’ve neglected fitness too.

I admit I have little energy or creativity for blogging. I’m sure once my novel is finished I’ll be more present.

In the meantime, here is a cute picture of my dog, Boo, “spooning” me.

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