Did I Mention I’m Writing a Novel?

I admit I’ve been posting sporadically here, and mainly photographs. I’ve been busy writing my novel, yet to be named. The working title is A Home For Peggy. I wrote a little bit about it here. I’d like ideas for a title.

I’m 20 000 words into it, and feel I’ve accomplished so much, yet I have so far to go. How do authors churn out several novels a year? It’s baffling to me. I write every day but I just don’t seem to be progressing with the word count. Maybe I’m too focussed on that aspect.

I’d be grateful for your input into how you’ve overcome these challenges. I have a few ideas for the cover without even having a title. Am I the only one feeling a little stuck?

14 thoughts on “Did I Mention I’m Writing a Novel?

  1. I’m a slow writer. I tend to underwrite for my genre compared to the industry standard. I have to really work on fleshing out my first drafts in the revision.

    Here’s some advice I read that’s kind of been helping:

    “Have you ever heard of ‘Parkinson’s Law’? It’s the adage that ‘work expands so as to fill the time available for completion’. If you apply that to your writing, it means that if you give yourself two hours to write two hundred words, it will take two hours.”

    I’ve also learned that I want to write the perfect word, get quotes right, and research things. I have to just tell myself that’s not what the first draft is for. I bold problems so I’ll know to fix them later. Someone said to put brackets for scenes they want to skip, like [insert witty banter here]. That feels awkward to me, so I just write it to the best of my ability and make it bold when I’m not satisfied with it.

    I hope some of that helps. Happy writing! 🎃

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