Positivity Attracts Positivity

The people who have already read my memoir, Not My Story To Tell know that many of my experiences raising a daughter who had mental health issues wasn’t easy or fun. It was scary and heartbreaking. That does not mean I became negative or angry, however. The opposite happened. I became more positive in order to attract more of that in my life. Even though Justine was killed in a car accident, I know things happened the way they were supposed to happen and I accept that. I had hoped my book would reflect that and it overwhelming has. Here are a few messages I have received.

“I have read it twice, amazing book Cathy”~Nancy

“You have written a compassionate and sensitive memoir to honour Justine’s memory. There are moments where I sat on every single word you had written and wondered where the next moment would take me.”

“Thank you for a memoir that celebrates a life, mourns a life and yet reassures us that we will see our loved ones in the next life”~Joe

“You and Greg faced many obstacles raising such a beautiful child. Justine’s story is an inspiration to all parents of special needs children as well as people caring for and experiencing mental illness issues. Justine was truly blessed having two devoted parents who supported and loved her unconditionally through her many trials in life. Thank you for writing her story and may God bless you and your family”~Roseann

“Maybe because I am a Mom maybe because I am great awe and respect of how you supported and loved Justine even in hard times, I know we are all supposed to do this as parents but do we or is it just easier to walk away and let someone else deal with it. How do you go through all of that only to lose her …I know you believe everything happens for a reason. I admire you and Greg and Candace for sticking together to make everyday good even when I’m sure it was hard some days you are very strong people and as they say no regrets that goes along way in our lives. Just wanted you to know how much I was touched by Justines story Cathy I’m sure she is at peace with her world now and that will bring you comfort.”~Julie

“Having read your book, it filled me with a lot of emotion. Both sad and happy. Your daughter sounded like a wonderful person battling a terrible disease. I give you credit for putting all of your life on paper for the world to read. Not many could do that. A 5star read. Bravo Cathy.”~Roseanne

“l received your book a couple weeks ago I finished it a week ago and it has been in my thoughts for a week while I processed it all. The hurt and pain your whole family went through for a lot of years is hard for me to grasp You all worked through it and you should be so proud of your family and your book. It is a no holds barred account of what happened to you all.I “enjoyed” your book very much and it will stay with me for a long time, well done!”~John.

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8 thoughts on “Positivity Attracts Positivity

  1. I read the book, whilst on a bus from El Paso to Dallas. Your unconditional love for Justine has cemented the three of you as squarely in my pantheon of heroes. Her friend, Eric, belongs there, as well. I wish all of you a long and more serene life, for all that you did for that beautiful young lady.

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