JUSTINE Book is FREE Next Week

My new Kindle e-book, JUSTINE is a companion to my memoir, Not My Story To Tell and is described this way:

“Brooks’ memoir, Not My Story to Tell, My Journey Through Grief: Loving and Losing a daughter with bipolar disorder was overwhelmingly well received but readers said the book was too short and they wanted to know more. Many said they didn’t want the book to end.

JUSTINE has anecdotes, stories, blog posts, and meanderings that didn’t fit the thesis of her other book when she was trying to make sense out of her daughter, Justine’s life and death. Now that some time has passed, Brooks continues the saga with more happy stories and updates.

Brooks hopes readers will enjoy reading more about Justine’s life in this sequel to Not My Story To Tell: My Journey Through Grief, Loving and losing a daughter with bipolar disorder.”

It is available HERE.

Monday, March 19-23 it will be FREE!

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