Here’s to 2018!

A year ago I wrote that 2017 was going to be a fabulous year and it surpassed even my wildest dreams. You can read my 2017 New Year post here. I was excited to find out what surprises were coming and I got the biggest surprise of all. I published my book Not My Story To Tell in October. It has been getting five star reviews and I’ve been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. It has exceeded all my goals and continues to sell extremely well.

My wish of being a full time author has come true, since I retired from forty years as an Educational Assistant and have worked steadily on my latest, book, a novel set in the 1940’s with flashbacks to 1917. I hope to publish that this year.

I spent many wonderful days with my grandson, Oliver and have watched him grow and learn. He’s a joy! My husband, Greg and I are spending some time in sunny Florida, away from the frigid temperature in Canada. I’m working out every day at the gym and walking too. Life is great!

My year ended in fabulous Sarasota, Florida at an outdoor, poolside concert/party. The weather was gorgeous and we rang in the new Year with a positive outlook for the coming year.

Happy New Year!

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