I’ve Written Over 10 000 Words of My Novel

How is everyone doing with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWritMo)? I have had a really busy two weeks promoting my memoir Not My Story To Tell so I have not been writing every day but I have written 10 000 words. That’s a pretty big accomplishment in two weeks.

Tomorrow, I will be writing all day at Tell Me A Story Writing Challenge. I’m hoping to get a few thousand words written then.

Please reply if you’re participating this year in NaNoWritMo or if you’ve participated in past years. This is my first year and I’m pretty excited.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Written Over 10 000 Words of My Novel

  1. […] Yesterday I attended my third Tell Me A Story Challenge. You can read more about the challenge here. I’m happy to say that I exceeded the 2500 word challenge and wrote 2988 words. The other times I wrote short stories but this time I worked on my novel. I’m up to 13 029 words for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWritMo). […]


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