I’m Overwhelmed with Positive Feedback

I have had nothing but positive feedback about my memoir Not My Story To Tell.

Here is what people are saying:

I could not put it down. So beautiful and written with so much love and tenderness . You are an amazing woman to share this beautiful story about Justine. Thanks for sharing this incredible love story of an amazing young woman.

Thank you so much for letting us be able to share with you Justine’s story and Journey as well as the journey of your FAMILY! I will re-read soon this encompassing “as it was and is” book of the experiences and all the emotions and love that unfolds.

Justine’s story had me asking and questioning so many things about my parenting such as, “could I have done that”, “would I have done that” to “ I did that.” Justine with all her challenges seemed a strong and loving girl to everyone.

Thank you for your beautiful book! It was written honestly and compassionately! I know there were parts that were so hard for you to write…but you will never know who you helped because you wrote this book!

Thanks so much for writing this book Cathy Brooks, an emotional story that touched me greatly.

Get your copy HERE!

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