I’m Waiting For My Author’s Copy

I’ve sent my final edited copy of my book, Not My Story to Tell: My Journey Through Grief, Loving and losing a daughter with bipolar disorder to be made into a book. This has been a journey in itself. I finally feel it’s perfect after countless editing and phone calls. I’ve tried to remain calm and know that it will all work out.

My book launch is in two weeks. Time is running out but I have to believe it will all come together in time. I’m self-publishing through Amazon and they publish on demand. This means that when you order your book, that book will be printed and sent. Each book is done individually. Since I’m ordering two hundred books for my book launch, I’m confident I will be able to have that many sent immediately. I’ve ordered books from Amazon many times and I always receive my book within a few days. I’m counting on receiving two hundred in the same timely manner.

Wish me luck!

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