A Month of “Lasts”

I am working the last month of my career as an Educational Assistant. My last day is October 26th. Today, I did my very last bus duty of my life. Bus duty entails standing outside on top of a big hill. On gorgeous days like today, it’s a pleasure but in the middle of winter, it’s windy and frigid. Knowing I don’t have to do that this winter makes me smile.

I got a Facebook message from a woman I worked with forty years ago at our very first job. Edwina said she saw me doing bus duty. She’s a bus driver now and has been driving a school bus for twenty-four years. We had a short chat and I snapped a “selfie.” We’ve come full circle.

15 thoughts on “A Month of “Lasts”

  1. My “lasts” are three-and-a-half years off. I was going to retire on my 70th birthday, but it behooves me to see the school year through, until may of 2021- at least that’s how I feel right now. Enjoy your retirement and writing career!

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  2. Well Done Cathy! Enjoy the rest of your days on duty! I can sense your happiness of what you have delivered to your society. And your time have come to days when you will more time to go holidaying, relax, gardening, home creations. ohhhh the lists goes one. I am still young and I have many years to stand on my feet and work hard. I wish you good luck in your next adventure. I am glad we found each others’ blogs. I cannot wait to read your next adventure after retirement. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

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