My Next Book

My memoir Not My Story To Tell is going to be launched October 26th. I’m very excited that it will be available in Kindle e-book and Paperback. It will also be on loan in the Kindle lending library. I want to make an audio version too but I need to research this option a little more.

I will be retiring from my position with the School board, where I have worked as an Educational Assistant for thirty years. My new job will be full-time author.

I spent the weekend with my mother, who shared many lifetime stories of her childhood and young adulthood with me. Her father was a swindler and gambler. She was uprooted every few years to live in a different place and had to start a new school. There is definitely a story there. I think I will thinly disguise it and try my hand at fiction this time.

The working title will be, A Home For Julia.


13 thoughts on “My Next Book

  1. Congratulations on the (almost) imminent launch of your book, and best wishes for this new chapter in your life that is about to begin. I wish you an enjoyable and successful journey. It does indeed seem like you have access to a bounty of interesting material.

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