Six Weeks To Launch

My manuscript is edited and sent in to be made into a book. This is called the interior layout, where they fit the words into the pages. Create Space is doing this for me. This is my first book so I’m paying for some services, such as line editing, cover completion and the layout. The advice most publishers give is to pay for professional editing and cover design but self-publishers often do the rest themselves. Once I have more time, after I retire, I may do some of these tasks.

Create Space is the company affiliated with Amazon/Kindle, where I’ve chosen to sell my books. I say books, plural, because I’m having it published in paperback and Kindle e-book. Create Space does the paperback version. I could publish an e-book for free immediately. Since I’m doing a launch, I need to have the paperbacks available.

For those people who will not be able to physically attend the launch, I’m hoping you will virtually be able to participate by buying a copy online. You will have the choice to buy both versions. The deliver of the paperbacks is within a day or two or you can get an e-book immediately on your phone, tablet or e-reader. The costs will be low so everyone will be able to afford my book Not My Story To Tell.

I know everything will be ready on time for the book launch October 26 from 3:30-7 at the Bulldog Pub, 600 Grandview St. Oshawa or for online sale at Amazon/Kindle. Create Space takes six to eight weeks from start to finish and I’m in the home stretch. Wish me luck!

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