Justine’s Blog Will have 950 Followers Today!

I have a new goal for my blog. I’d like to reach 1000 followers by the time I launch my book about Justine’s life, Not My Story To Tell on October 26th. I have 948 right now and I’m fairly confident I can achieve it.

Do you know how to get more followers? It’s time consuming but I go to sites where people have commented on my post. I find the people who’ve commented on their posts. That’s who you want following you. The more people who comment the higher your stats go. I follow those sites. Usually, the person will wonder who I am and check out my site. If they like it they will follow my site. Sometimes they just reciprocate and follow me because I followed them. Try it!

19 thoughts on “Justine’s Blog Will have 950 Followers Today!

  1. You are very talented and, for me, it’s an honor that you’re following my blog and a privilege to follow yours. I pray you’ll reach out to more than a thousand people and I know you’ll touch their hearts through your written words, just like you touched mine.
    Thank you for following my blog! Be blessed!

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