Some Clarification

I’ve booked a venue for my book launch and I’m combining it with a retirement party. Its going to be October 26th. It’s the end of one career and the beginning of a new one. I will have paperback copies of the book Not My Story To Tell that evening for sale. That does not mean you must attend to get a copy.

Everyone will be able to buy a book online at Amazon. They will be available in paperback version or Kindle e-book. That’s the beauty of Amazon. You don’t have to go to the store or a book launch to get a book. They’ll deliver right to your door or Kindle reader or IPad Kindle app.

I read mainly on my iPad these days and buy most of my books through Amazon. They make each book individually. If you order a book, they will make that book, and send it immediately. You can receive a paperback within a day or two. An e-book is immediately delivered to your device. You could be reading my book by the time someone at my book launch receives their copy. It’s really an efficient way to get books.

Many people are asking me to save copies or wondering how they can get a copy of my book. I will post the link to my book as soon as I get it. You will be able to just click the link and buy online. So easy!

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