One Down….38 To Go!

I’m back to work today. For those who don’t know, I work as an Educational Assistant. Today we have meetings and we start back teaching on Tuesday. I will be retiring October 30th after 30 years with the school board and after working 40 years total. It’s time.

My plan is to combine a retirement party with a book launch for my book, Not My Story To Tell at the end of October. I’ll be announcing the date as soon as my husband books the venue. In the meantime, my book is nearly ready for a second edit and I hope to send that in by tomorrow.

I’ll be working a total of 39 days until my retirement. Yes, I’m counting the days! I love my work but it’s time to leave room for younger people to carry on. I want to write full time.

24 thoughts on “One Down….38 To Go!

  1. Ah and other change in the adventure called life. Enjoy your success in both having the book launch and being able to retire. May both bring you happiness. Hugs

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