Today, I Will Send My Book To The Editor

My book Not My Story To Tell has been edited once. It’s been Beta read and I’ll be adding a few chapters, revising and correcting a few things and then it will be ready to be edited another two times. The first time I had it edited, I used Fiverr. This was an inexpensive way to have someone point out spelling and grammatical errors so I could correct them. I felt it was ready to be read by my beta readers at this point. I got some very good advice from my readers and will be using that to make more improvements before my next editor sees it.

The editor will advise me on content the first time. This is called line editing. I’ve written my book chronologically because it’s about my daughter, Justine’s life. I started at the beginning and wrote her life from conception to her death at aged 29. An editor might advise me to start at the end and flash back or put certain chapters throughout. I’m looking forward to this because I’m really not sure how it should read. I’m excited to hear their professional advice.

The next step is to fine comb it for grammatical and spelling mistakes. This is called copy editing. Even after this is finished there still may be one or two mistakes. One of the best reasons to self-publish is that the author has the freedom to change content at any time. I am the publisher so will be able to do this whenever I want or need to. This gives me confidence that my book will be perfect.

I’ll be busy today on making the necessary additions and corrections to have it ready for the next process. My book launch will be at the end of October. I’m confident everything will be finished and ready to go. Wish me luck!

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