Writing and Memory

One of the greatest things about writing is how it revives memories that have been, in some cases, buried. I find when writing I discover many things I had forgotten or were just on the surface of my mind. I have a terrible memory. Maybe that is why I write. Other people just retrieve thoughts of the past whenever they choose. I must write them down before I forget. 

My friend Kate is a walking memory bank. She remembers every conversation and experience in vivid detail. When she reminds me I do remember so it’s a lovely trip down memory lane. It’s not that I forget everything. I believe the mind can only remember so much. Her mind remembers things my mind doesn’t. 

When I write, my mind remembers things I wouldn’t think of, otherwise. It’s amazing how the entire story is visualized during the process. My short stories Gardens and Grief and Swimming With My Clothes On demonstrate how my memory retrieved vivid details as I wrote them. 

10 thoughts on “Writing and Memory

  1. I can absolutely relate. I’m not an author by any stretch of the imagination! But when I sit to write a post or poem I do find my mind, as you say, remembering things I hadn’t thought of for years. I don’t know if this is the case for you, too but I also find as the years go by, I remember things even further back in the past than I had ever thought of before. It’s strange sometimes. Thanks for this post. I’ll check out more of your writing ASAP 😊

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  2. Remember when…… a common way I start many conversations with Cathy . SHe often looks at me with that familiar look that tells me No not really. Then slowly she begins to smile as I replay the events of the story . This is my fond memory with Cathy. !
    Memories are stored in the heart

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