Alphabet Soup Challenge-Event

A few days ago I attended a book launch. You can read more about that here. The event was quiet and elegant as you might expect in an art gallery. It was lovely to be surrounded by beautiful art. The book is called “Traitor’s Knot” by Cryssa Bazos. It’s a historical fiction set in the 1600’s. I’ve started reading it and it’s suspenseful.

I’m planning my own book launch for my book Not My Story To Tell and was hoping to combine it with a retirement party. It would mark the end of my career as an Educational Assistant and the beginning of my life as an author. I wasn’t sure if I would have permission from my principal because I would be selling books. In lieu of a gift I’m hoping people would contribute $5.00 and I would give them a signed copy of my book. I’m happy to announce that I have approval. My husband, Greg would host the party with the social committee at work collecting the money. I’m hoping friends and family will come too. I’d like to have it in the restaurant/pub that I held my husband’s retirement party. They serve big platters of finger food and people could buy drinks. I’m excited about it! 

You can find out more about the Alphabet Soup Challenge  here.

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