Alphabet Soup Challenge-Decoration

Justine loved unicorns when she was a child. She chose pastel coloured unicorn wallpaper for her bedroom when we gave her a choice of a theme. She collected unicorns and had many. My Little Pony was a favourite and she had a unicorn one. Beanie Babies were popular and she had a unicorn one. We got her little figurines and statues of unicorns for birthdays and Christmas.  

You can see Justine’s unicorn wallpaper in one of my favourite pics of my girls

I looked up unicorns on Wikipedia and this is what it said:

There were many sexual references to unicorns in the Urban dictionary but I liked this one:


I will never see Justine again “in person” so she has become like a unicorn. She’s a mythical creature I will only see in my dreams. 

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