Alphabet Soup Challenge-Learning

There is so much to learn about publishing a book. The writing part was easy compared to all the things I need to do to get my book, Not My Story To Tell on the market. There are two kinds of publishing, traditional publishing and self-publishing. 

Everyone would like to be picked up by a traditional publishing company because they pay the writer and do all the work. The writer just reaps the rewards. The problem is that they rarely publish unknown writers. We have to self-publish.

Self-publishing can be expensive. Hay House, for example has several options but all cost thousands of dollars. I would love to publish with them but I really don’t want to spend that much. I’ve researched publishing with Kindle/Amazon and it appears to be affordable and relatively easy. I could have both e-book and trade paperback versions. This is the route I’m taking. 

I’m having a new book cover designed. I think I’m finally on the right track with that challenge. I have tried so many different ideas. Who knew all these decisions would be so hard? I thought writing a book would be difficult but I’ve had to learn so much after the writing. 

5 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup Challenge-Learning

  1. I think you’ve made the right choice. 🙂 I started out as a traditionally published author, and after six years, canceled my contracts and self-published. Could not be happier! The marketing falls to the author either way, so you might as well more of the benefits for your hard work. Good luck with your book! Enjoy the journey.

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      1. No. Minimal, at the very best. The rule of thumb is that all marketing will be up to you. The biggest challenge with trad publishing is that the publisher, not you, controls pricing, so your ability to discount and promote is severely limited. My sales are honestly 50 times higher as a self-published author because my pricing is better and I can promote however I wish, and I don’t have to share royalties! There are advantages and disadvantages to both routes, but I’ve never regretted switching to indie publishing.

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