Alphabet Soup Writing Challenge-Wonder

Children are so easily entertained outdoors because of their sense of wonder. I’m looking after my two year old grandson, Oliver this week while my daughter is at work his daycare provider is on vacation. Yesterday, I wrote about our day at their place. You can read about that here. Last evening after his swimming lesson he and I made the two hour drive to my house. He’s been asking his mom when he can come here. He’s happy to be here with his grandpa and our dog, Boo. 

Today, we played golf with his toy clubs. He even took his golf cart with him on a short walk with Boo. We filled up his blow up wading pool early hoping the water would be warm enough for a dip before lunch. He put his feet in and even tried to sit but it’s been overcast so the water was pretty cold. He got his beach toys and played in the water from outside the pool. He was really much more interested in seeing an ant hill and all the ants. He kept filling up his tiny bucket and taking the water over to the patio and pouring it on the ants. He’s having a nap now and I hope we can have more fun this afternoon.

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