Alphabet Soup  Challenge-Travel

Yesterday I had the pleasure of travelling to Toronto in style. My husband, Greg and I were invited to the Ricky Gervais Show at Massey Hall by our friends Ken and Wendy. Seven of us took a limousine to and from the concert which made the evening even more special. It was a huge stretch limo and it rode smooth as silk. It left us time to chat and enjoy the ride without a thought of traffic or parking. 

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Senator Restaurant and then walked a block to the theatre. Ricky Gervais is very “irreverent” as described by my friend, Elaine. He was dressed very casually in jeans and T-shirt and sipped on a can of beer throughout his performance. He reflected on a number of life experiences including why he doesn’t have children, Twitter trolls and parts of his anatomy that cannot be explained in this family rated blog.  Wonderfully fun evening.

The Alphabet Soup Challenge guidlines are here. Please join the fun and increase your posts. 

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