Alphabet Soup Challenge-News

The Alphabet Soup Challenge is to encourage daily posting. The blogger uses every letter of the alphabet in random order. Please join the fun. You can learn more here.

Today I got some news that I have been eagerly awaiting. My Beta reader, Lynda read the manuscript of my book Not My Story To Tell. She came over to give me her impression, opinion and feedback. I chose Lynda for several reasons and wrote about that here. She offered some great advice and was complimentary. I have some minor errors to correct and will be fleshing out the story slightly but I am happy she liked the book and that it conveyed the message I am hoping my readers will embrace. 

One thing she noticed is that I use the word “very” too much. Now that I’m aware of this I’ve deleted that word twice from this post as I am writing it. Constructive criticism is essential for writers. I will be forever grateful to know I make that error. I had repeated some events and I need to clean up my dialogue. She gave me some ideas where to scatter some parts of the story to offer reprieve as my story is “raw”. I’ve re-read the book and her advice is sound. I’m excited with the news I received today. 

4 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup Challenge-News

  1. So exciting that you have a book coming up. I too have learned through our online blogging courses to omit adjectives and any superfluous expression. When you tidy up the sentences they become easier to read and the reader imagine the story in his way.


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