Alphabet Soup Challenge-Opportunity 

I’m taking part in the Alphabet Soup Challenge. Yesterday I wrote about saying YES to things that make me feel uncomfortable. My goal is to have my book published within the next few months with a combination Retirement party/Book launch in October. This brings me to a new opportunity.

I’ve taken two online publishing courses and they’ve both presented self-publishing opportunities. The first one was a video workshop put on by Hay House. I wrote about that here. It would be a thrill to be published by Balboa Publishing but it’s very expensive. The second course I took was through Kindle/Amazon. This also gives the option for softcover books and I’m looking into the costs of this. 

The ideal situation would be to self-publish with another publisher picking up my book eventually. This would give me some money and they would do the promotion. I’ve looked into going the publishing route but no literary agent will take on an unknown writer. I have to self-publish first. I’ve done all the preliminary work and built up a modest platform of approximately 3000 potential readers. I’ve learned that 10 000 is a respectable platform but I’ve done the best I can. 

Since I’m retiring in October I feel I must take this opportunity to launch my book Not My Story To Tell then. I’m very excited but a little apprehensive about the whole process. I’m really hoping it will all come together on time.

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