Alphabet Soup Challenge-Yes!

This is my “Year of Yes”. You can read more about that here and here. I’m not a negative person but my tendency is to immediately say no to anything that makes me uncomfortable. My husband, Greg, asked me if I wanted to have a retirement party when I retire in October. My answer was no. I felt discomfort at being the centre of attention with people bringing gifts. He looked very hurt and I felt a little selfish. Then I remembered my promise of saying yes. I thought about it and came up with a solution.

I’m hoping to have my book, Not My Story To Tell ready for release soon. I have an artist, Ashley Barron working on a book cover. I wrote about Ashley here. I’ve already had several ideas for the cover. You can read about that here. None of those first ideas felt like “the one” although I’m keeping the tag line. I’ve given Ashley an idea that I’m very excited about. It’s entirely different from the other ideas. I’ve had the book edited and have a beta reader. I’ve taken two online courses on book publishing and have developed a platform of over 3000 people. I’m nearly ready to launch my book.

This brings me to my “Yes” moment. I’m thinking of having a combination retirement party and book launch. This will mark the end of my career as an Educational Assistant with the beginning of my career as an author. Instead of gifts I would ask everyone to contribute $5 to buy a copy of a signed book. I’m also publishing the book as a Kindle Book on Amazon so people would have the option to go online and buy one there, instead. I’m saying “yes”.

What do you think of this idea?

8 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup Challenge-Yes!

  1. I say “Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” I am anxiously awaiting your book, have loved your blog and feel grateful to say you are my friend! We have been colleagues, we have become kindred spirit friends…and you have helped me go forward in my life with my health and other issues. Your strength after the loss of your beloved daughter is unmatched! Your zest for life is infectious! Ironically, I find myself at one of the lowest points of my life…but I move forward in joy…walking in the footsteps of your example! The other night, as I sat in silent despair, I picked up my iPad and started writing notes for my own book. I have wanted to be an author for so long, but never thought any of my ideas were worthy. Now…it doesn’t matter. I realize good writers do not write with the goal of being rich or famous or on the New York Times Best Seller list ( although they are some pretty nice perks!) Good writers write because they have to write! They don’t think about what will this person say…or that person…or this publisher! They just write and love every minute of it! Thank you Cathy!
    In closing, I want you to know how much I love you! The Greeks had five words for love. We could learn from them. People in English say at a wedding they will love, honour and cherish! Americans love baseball and hotdogs! Doesn’t seem like quite the same thing! I want you to know I have hetaireia for you…love as a colleague with common interests and hobbies and goals. I also have phileo for you- you are also someone I love as a true friend! But most of all, I feel agape love for you…I just love you! That is how Christ loves us! He just loves us for being his blessed children!
    I anxiously await October my friend and your book launch! Maybe you can come and help me get started on my book before you get too busy in your new career as a writer! Love, Beth


    1. Wow! What a lovely post from someone I love and consider a kindred spirit. I have to write. I’ve always written whenever I was upset, angry sad or despaired. Once it’s on the page I can free it from my head. Most of my writing I’ve destroyed because it was just a release of anger or frustration. Keep writing! It seems that’s the easy part. I’m at the publishing part which isn’t as easy.


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