Alphabet Soup Challenge- Happiness!

Summer has finally arrived in Canada. We’ve had very unseasonable cool, wet weather but I feel that is over and summer has begun. I work as an Educational Assistant and we have a layoff every summer. Friday was my last day of work and it’s been a whirlwind of fun activities so far. You can read more about that here and here. Today I’m getting a few things done that will make the start of my summer feel refreshing. I’ve already taken up my carpet in my family room and now it’s so light and airy here with the hardwood floor exposed.

Boo is sunning herself in the family room

I bought new sheets for the bed and have them washed and hanging on the clothesline so they will smell  fresh. I’ve written about how much I love the smell of fresh laundry here and how much fun it is to make the bed here. Summer is definitely my favourite season and it’s the simple things about it that bring me the most happiness. 

What makes you happy?

Fresh linens make me happy

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