Do you ever not listen to that little voice inside your head and then regret it? I did just that today and I was very angry at myself. I needed to get an emissions test for my car. In Canada we can’t renew our license without a test every few years. They used to charge us for this but have since offered it for free. My eye glasses are ready too. I got a call on Friday.

I work in a city and the car dealership that I have dealt with for many years is within walking distance from the school I work at. That has come in handy on days when I’ve had to leave my car for a few hours. The place where I get my glasses is also within walking distance. They are just down the street from each other. It would make sense that I would take my car in, walk down the street and pick up my eye glasses.

Did I do that? Nope! I listened to my husband who told me to just take my car to another town for the test. He has told me in the past to JUST take my car there. As I was racing almost past the place where my glasses are waiting, getting on the freeway and waiting for my emissions test, I was getting increasingly angry. They were taking a very long time with what should have been a half hour test. No one called my name as other people came and went. Finally, I inquired. They had called my husband’s first name. I was furious. I was angry at them, angry at my husband but mostly angry at myself for making such a dumb decision. Next time I will do what I think is best and not follow someone else’s idea.

3 thoughts on “Intuition 

  1. Is this more about them calling your husband’s name rather then yours?
    But I truly understand that when you hear that voice inside your head it is in your best interest to follow it cause you will regret it later…..

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