The Creative Juices

I’m excited that I will be writing in the “Tell Me A Story Writing Challenge” next weekend. I participated last fall. You can read more about that here. I wrote a story about my childhood and an incident that happened. You can read it here. It was a wonderful day but I hesitated entering this time. It was cold and grey when we spent the day in the coffee shop writing from morning until evening. This time Spring will be in the air and I thought I might be feeling a little confined. It will be a long weekend here and I usually spend it gardening. Will I wish I was in my garden instead of in a coffee Shop? 

Lynda, who is one of the organizers said she thought I had a garden story in me. After thinking about that I realized that I definitely do. I will entitile my story “Gardens and Grief”. There will still be two more days to spend in my garden after I write my story. It’s been a chilly Spring here, in Canada but I know the weather will warm up so I can take a short walk where Justine and I used to walk. I wrote about that here. That will inspire my writing. 

Read my short story here.

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