The Knock-Out Punch

Great article on childhood bullying and the impact it has on everyone.

Byron Christopher

He is the most recognized and talked-about citizen in his hometown of Campbellton, New Brunswick — and it’s been that way for more than half a century.

That’s rather odd because the man never ran for office, nor has he ever had a decent job, let alone a prominent one.

Also, he never owned a vehicle nor did he have a driver’s license. 

And get this: He didn’t finish school.

What’s really bizarre is that in his 70-plus years, the gentleman has committed no crimes — yet he’s been punished far more than most criminals.

Who is he? 

His name is Bobby Steeves.

People in Campbellton, a community of 7,400 in northern New Brunswick, all know Bobby’s name. But they don’t know his story.

To some extent, it’s my story too. It’s everyone’s story.

I was just a young boy when I first saw Bobby Steeves. The year was 1957 and I…

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