In Like a Lamb…

When February is over and March arrives in Canada we give a sigh of relief. Even though winter is far from over we know the end is in sight. The beginning of March was very mild so we say “March came in like a lamb”. We often forget the rest of the saying. If it comes in like a lamb “it goes out like a lion”. We are expecting a storm. It’s snowing now. Then we expect a lot of rain and freezing rain. Usually this doesn’t really bother me.

Today, however, my husband and mother are driving through the northern states and Canada coming home from Florida. My mother lives right in the “snow belt” so they are expecting a lot of snow. I don’t even know where they are. They left yesterday, a day earlier than expected to try to beat the weather. I hope they do. 

2 thoughts on “In Like a Lamb…

  1. Always interesting to hear something from a spot in world far away from your own. In Denmark we say that in April we have “April Weather”. That means summer one day and rain and wind the other then perhaps some snow on flowering bushes

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