Beauty And The Beast and Justine

Justine loved the Disney animated version of Beauty and the Beast. She wanted all the little figurines that year for Christmas. I was not at all prepared for how small they were and how much they cost. I got her every single one available plus the magic mirror where you could see a rose. I’m quite sure I never spent as much money at any other Christmas in my life and it looked like she got nothing. They were so tiny. They didn’t seem to have any play value either. They just sat on her shelf. Her sister, Candice told me that she did love them. I was happy to hear that.

When the 20th Anniversary version of the movie came out a few years ago, Justine and I went to see it at the theatre. She was 27 at the time. It was one of the very last mother/daughter things we did together. I loved seeing it with her since she had loved it so much as a child. She enjoyed it as much as an adult and I did too. She had to rush off to work right afterwards so we didn’t really get a chance to discuss it much. 

I was in a music class a few months after Justine was killed in a car accident. I work as an Educational Assistant in a High School. The teacher put on a song for the students to listen too before they learned to play it. It was “Beauty And The Beast”. I had always been very strong at work and it was my refuge from my grief. I hadn’t expected to start crying but as soon as I heard the familiar song I thought of Justine. I had to leave the classroom. I’m not even sure if anyone saw or knew why I had to leave. I was working with an autistic boy at the time and he followed me into the hallway. I hadn’t escaped the music and could still hear it in the hallway. We just stood there while I sobbed for the rest of the song. It took me a few minutes to compose myself and we went back into the classroom.

Today, the live action version of the movie was released. I’d love to go see it but I’m afraid I would get too emotional. I wish I had Justine to go see it with. She would just love it. 

* After writing this post I decided to go see the movie. You can read about that here.

5 thoughts on “Beauty And The Beast and Justine

  1. I can’t even begin to imagine how you must feel. I went to the live action version today with my daughter and a dear friend. I cried of course because I always do. You should go. Get emotional. Know that Justine would be right there with you in spirit.

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