32 Years Ago Justine Was Born

Today is Justine’s Birthday. I remember the day she was born so vividly that it seems impossible it was so long ago. Every woman loves to share birthing stories but I won’t bore you with mine. Every baby is a miracle but your first one is especially magical.

We always celebrated Justine’s birthday wth a party each year as she grew up. They all passed so quickly it’s almost a blur now. Thankfully, I took lots of pictures and have the fun memories. One funny birthday story I do remember is the year she was maybe 4 or 5. I had taken a cake decorating class when she was a baby and had always made themed cakes to go along with her choice of party. I did a teddy bear, Barbie, Crayons and other shapes throughout her early years. One year I asked her what kind of cake she wanted me to make. Her answer, 

“Could I have a cake from the grocery store?” It seems many of her friends had grocery store cakes and she wanted to be like her friends. That was the end of my cake decorating. Every year I would take her to the bakery section of the store and she would choose her favourite one.

 When Justine got older we always went out for dinner to celebrate. I miss those dinners. Tonight we will just stay in and remember the good times.

Happy Birthday Justine! I hope you’re having a wonderful celebration on the beach with so many others that have gone on without us. I know it will be a fun party with you as the birthday girl!

Justine’s first birthday with her teddy bear cake
Justine’s second birthday with her crayon cake
Justine opening gifts at her birthday party

7 thoughts on “32 Years Ago Justine Was Born

  1. Cathy I can’t imagine what it must be like to see your little girl’s birthday come around each year without her. You’re so brave to be able to write about it. Wishing you lots of love, strength and good memories on this special day xxx

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