Who Will Be Around Your Holiday Table

I’ve been hosting Christmas dinner for the past several years. It got too hectic to take the girls out when they were small so I started having dinner at my house, everyone welcome. After Justine’s accident we spent Christmas in Florida but we are back to our annual tradition. This year we will have our daughter, Candice, grandson, Oliver (although I’m sure he’ll be sleeping before we sit down to eat dinner),our nephew, Charlie and his lovely wife, Jess.

Who will you celebrate with? 

16 thoughts on “Who Will Be Around Your Holiday Table

  1. I was thinking of you last night. Don’t know what had brought you to mind, but it is nice to have blogging friends. Glad you your family together. We had company Wed through Friday, but were alone (husband & I) Christmas. More company coming now. So we will be together with them this evening. Christmas brings appreciation for family that we take for granted so many times.

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