My Writing Challenge

I’ve been invited to spend an entire day writing. For most of you bloggers that might sound like a dream come true. It is for me. A group of twenty writers will spend a day in a coffee shop. We have prepaid for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will just write, write, write. The challenge is to write 2500 words. There will be a short break at the end to share if anyone wants to. 

When I wrote my book Not My Story To Tell I wrote in short spurts. I had asked an author that I greatly admire,  Catherine Gildiner what her strategy for writing was. I’ve written about her books here. She told me that even an hour a day was beneficial. Before that, I pictured authors locking themselves in outdoor sheds or attics from morning until night. I took her advice and wrote every day after work, making one hour my goal. I sat on my couch with my iPad. I wrote about that here. Of course I sometimes wrote much longer but I never wrote less than one hour. Within a few months I had a book.

This challenge is for a short story. We are allowed a one page summary. I’ve started mine. Writing short stories seems easy and I’ve I written a few already. You can read about my short stories here. I just realized that I really haven’t shared them yet.When I finish my writing challenge I promise to publish them here. 

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