The “Farm Girls” Put on A Skit

I belong to a support group called TOPS. It stands for “Take Off Pounds Sensibly”. I’ve been the leader of my chapter for many years. You can read about that here. We have had many people come and go over the twenty three years that I’ve been a part of this group. Now we have some very dynamic members with a lot of enthusiasm. It really rubs off.

One of our members put on a Greek cooking demo. You can read about that here. Another member is great at writing and performing in plays. She wrote a skit for our Rally. I painted the costumes and it was a hit. The theme for the day was “How The Waist Was Won”. 

23 thoughts on “The “Farm Girls” Put on A Skit

  1. If you would be kind enough to share your farm girls skit, I would love to do it with my chapter at Fall Rally in WA State. THANKS Beverly


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