Would You Help Me Choose My Book Cover?

I’ve been getting a few book jackets done on Fivver. It’s a great, inexpensive way of having professionals do work for $5. Usually it costs a little more but I’ve had 2 book covers done for $8 each. It has allowed me to get opinions from people and it’s helped me figure out what I want and what works. 

This was my first one and although I do like the picture, the tagline was too long.

I asked for another one with a young woman and shorter tagline and got this one.

This woman is definitely not Justine so I’m not going to use this one. My husband, Greg and daughter, Candice have encouraged me to paint my own idea.

I always picture Justine on a beach so this is an idea we collaborated on. I’ve even played around with how it might look as a book jacket.

I would appreciate any ideas, opinions or comments. 

26 thoughts on “Would You Help Me Choose My Book Cover?

  1. Use justines picture with her sun glasses on- her signature look, as if to signify her looking beyond the bipolar diagnosis. To make you wonder what was really going on behind the sunglasses.

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      1. I wanted to use that one from the beginning but after taking a couple of publishing courses I’ve learned that people won’t read a book with a photo on it unless they recognize the person. That idea is just for famous people.


  2. I like your painting. I think your husband and daughter were absolutely right in telling you to paint it and I hope you will use it as the cover. Just my two cents…

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  3. I preferred the last one with the painting although it would probably need to be cropped. Although if you liked Anonymous’ idea of the photo you could transform it in photoshop so it looked like a painting etc.

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