Reading and Writing

This past year I have been blogging daily. It takes much of my time and energy thinking of what I will post every day. I’m also certain that these brain waves of writing are somehow taking away the energy that I use for reading. It’s not that I don’t read every day. I do! I read some of your blogs, the daily newspaper, Facebook posts and other brief material. I mean the time and commitment it takes to actually read a book. I’ve started dozens of books this year, only to somehow become distracted and lose interest.

I have been an avid reader all my life since reading my first book, “Anne of Green Gables”. I was hooked and went to the library and read every single L.M. Montgomery book there. I read almost every single day for decades. Somehow over this past decade, my desire to read has not waned, my concentration has. I’m not sure if menopause played a part but I’m not allowing myself to have any more excuses. I’m going to read a whole book. It’s a promise I’m making to myself. I think it will make me feel like me again.

If I’m not here, think of it as a good thing. GONE READING!!!! Wish me luck!

14 thoughts on “Reading and Writing

  1. I also struggle to get through books and don’t read as much as I’d like. I had to read so much when I was studying years ago that I lost the enjoyment of it. Slowly I’m getting it back. Anne of Green Gables captivated me too xx

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