7 thoughts on “31 Days of Summer Lovin’ 2016-Day 11 FUN!

  1. This challenge is super fun to follow….
    I wish I had known about it- but I am liking my own A to Z….
    Anyhow – I love your frog ornament – has a Degas feel with the skirt!
    And the splash of pink you added to my reader was nice – thx—/

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      1. Hi – what a god idea to get caught up like that – and I am barely going to get all 26 letters done this summer (well actually it might be easier than I thought) but I am doing the A to Z spread across the two months of July and August – maybe you could do an A to Z for August –
        Or not – wink
        But the A to Z has been a theme for me this year – all thanks to a January post by blogger Dan (@nofacilities) and it has been a nice pivot for me…..

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