They Strongly Admire My Content!

I have been approached by a new website who has invited me to share my content on their site. I must admit I was very skeptical at first and told them so. I wondered if they were going to charge a fee. We, bloggers, receive so much spam offering us money and fame for our blogs that we do become wary. This letter was sent by email, however, so I was intrigued. We have been in daily contact and I do feel this is a wonderful opportunity.

I’ve recognized another fellow blogger on the site and wondered how many other people have been sent a similar (if not identical) form letter. I’m going to give it a try. What do you think?

32 thoughts on “They Strongly Admire My Content!

  1. Hi Cathy, I have been writing for My Trending Stories for about a month. Rest assured, they are not spam. As of now, they do not pay their contributors, but I was told that they are working on coming up with a payment option for authors who contribute to their site.
    I know a couple of others who have been working with MTS too. Good luck!

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  2. Hello Cathy, I also received their email about a week ago, and like you, was skeptical about it. I Google it and found out it was indeed a good opportunity and only yesterday decided to reply and say yes. All the best to you.

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  3. I have gotten several emails from them and wrote one piece until someone pointed out they were spam/scam. They are building their sight claiming to be up and coming, but they only exist by using your content for free. I quit writing for them. The choice is yours. I choose not to.

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      1. No I didn’t and to be honest I didn’t read the other people’s work either. Flattery gets people’s interest and they wrote that same email to lots of blogs and I got three of them for just my one blog. Everybody wants to hear that their writing is great. Someone else pointed it out to me and it made sense. They are building what they claim is already an up and coming site and they are using our work (free) to do it. They aren’t writing anything. Nice scam though and I do believe it is simply that a scam. They get a site full of writing for free and they are growing because everyone likes flattery. This is not just my opinion. Many agree. This was named in a list of scams people had found and agreed upon. I would figure the only people that know about it are those they spammed with email and convinced them they would be writing for this up and coming site. Sorry, just my opinion based on what I have read and had explained to me.

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      2. I agree with you. I was very skeptical and I did wonder if everyone got the exact same letter about how great their writing is. I’ll sit on this awhile before making my final decision. Thanks for taking the time to explain your decision.

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  4. I don’t know. If a legitimate book publisher offers you a book contract I WOULD believe , if they don’t want money. They have a new publishing contract, with ZONDERVAN as a lot of the main publishing companies. They want $4000 to get your book out. Amazon also does this. So does a lot of them. Yahoo published some of my stuff years ago. I got $10.00 SOMETIMES. It wasn’t worth it. I am hoping for a real book contract. I wasted a lot of years with Associated Content. Never got paid, changed name to Yahoo, they ripped off billions from writers. THEY CLOSED DOWN.

    On Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 8:23 AM, Cathy Lynn Brooks wrote:

    > Cathy Lynn Brooks posted: “I have been approached by a new website who has > invited me to share my content on their site. I must admit I was very > skeptical at first and told them so. I wondered if they were going to > charge a fee. We, bloggers, receive so much spam offering us money ” >

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  5. Cathy,
    I received by e-mail the same (exactly the same wording) letter you did .
    I was flattered of course , but went researching them and the people who write for them , and found out there are a few good bloggers contributing to the site .
    But then I thought : I barely have the time to write for my own blog , or to read the people I follow and that follow me . Why would I want to add even more pressure to my blogging ? Besides that , I am not on a quest to substantially raise my readership numbers .
    But this is what makes sense for me , I am not a writer , I don’t have a book to promote , and I’m a very small blogger .
    It is different for you
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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  6. I also got the exact same letter. It sounds highly generic and random. The “flattery” is just so very lame that I didn’t even notice it, but what caught my attention was the possibility to expand my readership. I am a very small blog right now but would like to grow
    So I started googling the site as a spam and came across a number of blog posts including this. It’s interesting to see what some people had to say about gaining followers. That would be my only objective in accepting the offer. Did you accept in the end and have had some experience with it by now?
    There certainly is a point in the website simply taking others’ work to promote their cause, but then in the end, most of us are working to create a following and so this is a mutual interest and thus could be mutually beneficial.

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  7. i have also recieved a message like this (via instagram for some reason o.0).
    at first i was flattered (like everyone else) but then i quickly noticed that my writing isn’t even that good.
    my writing isn’t as good as i’d like it to be, because i’m not a native english speaker. i often try to explain stuff
    in a very odd manner, which makes my writing seem kind of all over the place.
    i’m probably doing said thing in this very post 😛

    because of this i have come to the conclusion that they didn’t even bother to read a single post of mine.
    of course i would like to gain more followers (as i have a VERY small viewership atm (then again i only just started blogging)),
    but i’m not sure wether this really is a great opportunity or not.
    not being the only one with this thought in mind feels good, though 😛

    has anyone tried it out yet?
    and if so, can you recommend it for very small blogs?

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    1. I never pursued this. I really think you may be right. They just want free material for their business. I have asked around and no one seems to have gained a bigger readership from Trending Stories. We’ve never heard of it so why would other people? I’m sure if you follow people on WordPress they will follow you back.

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  8. Hi! I came across this post after Googling MyTrendingStories after receiving the same email from them. I’m enquiring their Terms & Conditons of writing before saying a firm yes, they’ve said I can post the same material on other sites and promote my own blog on there so I’m thinking that’s exactly what I’ll do. In the same way you’d post the same material on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ – I’ll write a blog post for myself and then share it on MyTrendingStories. As long as there’s no obligations with them it can’t hurt.

    That’s my thinking anyway! I only started blogging a few months ago so at this stage all publicity is good!

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  9. I just got one of these requests also and was wondering if I should. I’m so happy you posted this and got all these responses as it helps in toeing to make a decision. I’m leaning toward ‘Not’.

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