How to Properly Make A Bed

Today, Miss Cathy will show you how to make a bed. Yesterday I gushed about the aroma of fresh linens. You can read about that here. 

Follow these easy steps and you too can make the perfect bed.

Try to put sheet on bed
Continue trying to put sheet on bed
Try to neatly put quilt on (notice the lump?)

There! All finished!

18 thoughts on “How to Properly Make A Bed

  1. Boo to you too, Boo 🙂 ! What a cutie. When I house sat for a friend who has cats I also received “assistance” making the beds. I think Boo has the right idea. I wouldn’t mind curling up in bed just now.
    Your quilt cover and pillowcase are really pretty. I love things like that.
    Ginny xxx

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      1. 🙂 I’m sure he does… but it’s funny you should say that. I love everything pink, floral, frilly, feminine but I think if I should ever be married I will have to tone down my style; my husband might not like it!!xx

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  2. I went to reply but first I had to get my kitten off the keyboard (he loves dogs so I think that was what he was trying to type.
    I once heard (so long ago I can’t remember the details) a bishop was asked in an interview whether animals went to heaven. Before him others had argued about souls etc, he said if animals didn’t go to heaven how could it be heaven. I so agree.
    And about the quilt, my stepdad was a very masculine man and he loved his girls (Mum and me) and the house to be pretty & floral. My hubby also loves pretty, feminine things on & surrounding his girls (my Mum who lives with us, our daughters and I. Although I’m not allowed to put bows and flowers on the boy pets, it will upset them he says.

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  3. Mine the oldest son of the oldest son etcetera all with predominantly male offspring. Now he has 4 girls & lives with his mother in law, he was the one who liked the idea most, the dogs & cats are even in gender but the rats, rabbits and birds are all male, sneaky isn’t he.

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