What Does Summer Smell Like?

I read an article in our local newspaper where the author described her favourite smell of summer. She describes freshly cut grass as “the defining scent of summer”. You can read the article in its entirety here. I do love the smell of a freshly cut lawn and have fond memories of summers past. I distinctly remember that smell from one summer when I stayed at my Aunt Marian’s house. She was my dad’s youngest sister and had 5 children. There was always room for one more! I woke up in a sunny bedroom with the heat radiating in the open window. The sound of the lawnmower was coming from across the street, but it was the odour that woke me up from my slumber. Heavenly!

That is not my favourite summer scent, however. The smell of bed linen that has been hung in the fresh air and sunshine is pure summer to me. I live in Canada and summer is so precious. Even hanging the sheets on the clothesline is a beautiful ritual. Taking down the laundry and bringing the freshness indoors is a huge treat.

What is your favourite smell?

My neighbour ‘s laundry and my sheets basking in the sunlight

10 thoughts on “What Does Summer Smell Like?

  1. I like the picture. These lovely little home jous are important. I like hanging washing out as well.
    Smells are evocative, I agree love. I also remember the smell of freshly cut grass from my childhood. For me my favourite smell of summer comes on early mornings in more secluded / rural areas when the sun starts to warm the stones. There’s a very delicate summery aroma. Seems strange to attribute a smell to that but I think that’s where it comes from. A couple of times in my childhood we went on holiday to a friend’s house in France and their patio often had that fragrance in the mornings. Living in a city now I don’t notice it so often butterly when I do, it takes me back.

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      1. I’ve had a few funny instances of that over the years! Either autocorrect or just my own typing errors. When I was a medical secretary there was ample opportunity for these errors. I once sent out an email to the department apologising for circulating a “daft version of the minutes” for approval (it should have read “draft version”). These things always make me laugh. Somewhere I think I’ve got a list of bloopers and typos etc. I’ll have to look it out.xx

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