Justine Was A Terrible Speller

When I was in school we studied spelling every day of the week and on Friday we had a spelling test. I always did very well in spelling.  Justine didn’t do very well in spelling. When she was in the primary grades, a concept of learning was being practiced. It was called “Whole Language”. Teachers didn’t correct spelling and grammar mistakes so that students would be encouraged to write with wild abandon. Their creativity would never be stifled. It sounded great except I did wonder how they would ever learn to spell correctly.

I was re-reading some of my messages to and from Justine that I happened to find by accident. You can read about that experience here. I think text messages were made for people who have spelling challenges. Justine could usually communicate very well by using short forms and text language. I chuckled as I noticed all her grammar and spelling errors. It was just SO Justine.

Maybe the educators who came up with whole language could foresee the future. Kids don’t need to know how to spell correctly to communicate with their friends. Most conversations are text messages. I just wonder how they will ever write an essay in College or University. Justine always got by, however. Sometimes I would edit for her.

8 thoughts on “Justine Was A Terrible Speller

  1. I enjoy your Justine stories. The texting generations do get by, but I shudder at the future for the lose of excellence that was in demand in the school days of learning content, including spelling. It does make a difference. If a person knows the basics, he/she can become creative; if a person is only creative, he/she cannot become skilled in the mechanics necessary for expressing one’s creativity. I will never read a book that takes the kind of guessing that is demanded by the note above.

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