Rules! Rules! Rules!

I saw a couple of posts on Facebook about the ridiculousness of the gun control laws in the U.S. I’m Canadian, not American.

I will likely get a few people expressing their right to own a gun and how they need it to protect themselves from the other gun owners, who have a gun to protect themselves. It’s a cycle that will never end until all guns are illegal, like they are here in Canada. We can buy a rifle for hunting but hand guns are prohibited. We don’t need one because no one else has one. Oh sure, gang members and criminals have them but the chance of me being shot is very, very low. This graph is from 2012 but you get the idea.

What is your opinion?

3 thoughts on “Rules! Rules! Rules!

  1. I agree 100%. I was brought up around guns. Handguns, shotguns, target and hunting rifles. I honestly believe for the most part it is a fascination rather than a right to bear arms. If we are realistic, there will always be handguns in the “wrong peoples” hands but that is the same of stolen goods, drugs and any number of illicit actions. However, it is quite simple that getting rid of handguns from peoples houses will result in less gun crime because the guns will simply not be available for the “itch scratch” type of person who takes up arms against innocent people just to see what would happen, or for the schoolkid who decides they are wanting to be the next high school massacre.
    It is simple.
    Less of something means less of another.
    Criminalising class A drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin means that they are not main stream so there is less likelihood of coming across them at a “weak moment” and thus using them. This is the same for many things including guns. The world has gone mad and making it easier to buy a weapon to kill another person is far from a sensible thing to do when as Clinton says we can’t even take shampoo onto a plane…..

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