Have You Ever Travelled Via Airbnb?

My friend, Irene, recently listed her lovely farmhouse for rent using a company called Airbnb. You can see the listing here. I‘ve often thought of travelling this way because staying in the community in a house or apartment seems much nicer than in a hotel. I especially like the idea of travelling through Europe staying with the people and living among them.

Have you used this service?  I’d like to hear about any experiences. 

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Travelled Via Airbnb?

  1. Last year I’ve used airbnb in about ten different cities, and I can say that it beats the hotels nearly in everything.


    1. You usually get much more than a hotel room, at less price.
    2. The hosts are very hospitable. Sometimes they can even meet you in the airport or offer you a welcome lunch.
    3. The hosts are locals, which means that they can give you useful advice which you won’t find in the guidebook. They can tell you about some nice non-popular sight, or to help you with finding a shop or something. In dangerous countries, they can tell you which places are safe and which are not.
    4. It is very nice to communicate with locals.
    5. In case of the hotel, you usually don’t have kitchen appliances in your room. Since airbnb offers flats and houses, you’ll have a kitchen and won’t have to visit cafes and restaurants anytime you want to eat. I also used washing machines (for free, unlike I would in the hotels), because sometimes I have long trips (1-2 months) and I take only one cabin-baggage backpack with me.

    At the same time, there are some cons:

    1. You *have* to communicate with some person. Some people doesn’t like it, and it makes them feel uncomfortable.
    2. You need to ensure that the host described the location perfectly. The private flat or house is not a hotel, and sometimes finding them without proper preparations might be challenging.

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