Justine’s Bunnies

One of the last posts Justine put on Facebook was a picture of her new “love”. She and her roommate, Layce got a pet rabbit.

Justine’s new pet
After she was killed in a car accident only a few weeks later, everyone started seeing rabbits everywhere. My sister-in-law, Pat was the first one to see one in her yard a few days later, as she was looking out the window and thinking of Justine. My husband, Greg got a visit from a bunny on his birthday a couple of months later as he was feeling sad while getting the newspaper. That summer we saw rabbits almost every day. Pat gave us a little statue to put in Justine’s memorial garden. Our grand-nephew, Ethan bought us a little stuffed bunny to remember her by.
This bunny sits in Justine’s garden
Ethan bought this bunny to remember Justine
Now whenever we see a rabbit, we smile and think of Justine.

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